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Let's Talk About Books!
  • Me: Why is this book over
  • Me: Why couldn't it be longer
  • Me: What am I supposed to read now
  • *glances at pile of unread books*
  • Me: Don't look at me like that

Top 10 Tuesday by The Broke and the Bookish

This week’s topic is the Top 10 books that were hard for me to read and here they are.  All these books I’ve had a hard time reading either because they were too long for my test or I just didn’t enjoy them as much as I thought I would.


I’d follow that path :3

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Here are the books I read in september.  They were all really good and I loved them all.  You can find my reviews of The Night Circus, Eleanor and Park,  and Throne of Glass on my blog :)  I’m not yet done with Heir of Fire, but since I have only about 100 pages left, I am counting it with the books I’ve read in september.


Books and Cupcakes September Photo Challenge

Day 4: Hardcover or Paperback?

Depends on my budget. But I can’t deny that I have a slight preference for hardcovers…


How to spend the afternoon?
With a good book, and a cup of tea.

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Slowly preparing for nanowrimo… :)


Re-reading books and noticing all the details you missed the first time around.

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My first Rainbow Rowell book

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Hi everyone! It’s Tilly and Jesseca here and we’ve decided to do a giveaway with a bit of a twist; you don’t know what book you’re getting. Most of you have heard of the blind date with a book deal. You pick a book that’s wrapped up and you only have a vague description of said book. We decided this would be an interesting concept for a giveaway, so here we are! Details:

  • Reblogs and likes count as entries, you can reblog as much as you like so long as you don’t spam your followers and no giveaway blogs.
  • You must be following she-was-too-fond-of-books and tilly-and-her-books
  • There will be 8 winners chosen at random and each winner will receive one book, we think this will give more people a chance! You will get to choose a book using the descriptions above and you will not find out what book you get until you receive it.
  • We will be using The Book Depository for this giveaway, so please make sure they ship to your country!
  • This giveaway ends October 15th, so you have quite awhile to reblog. We will be picking winners in the following days, please have your ask open, you have 48 hours to respond!
  • You must be comfortable with giving either us your address.

Any questions about the giveaway or us you message us here: she-was-too-fond-of-books (Jesseca) or tilly-and-her-books (Tilly)

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September Book Photo Challenge - Day 5: Bookstack

August/September Book Haul


They have the new Harry Potter editions cheap and I really want them but I already own them twice.

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